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Wall decal shapes are the perfect way to create a wallpaper effect, without the expense and permanency of wallpaper!

The decals are made of a premium quality, thin self-adhesive vinyl with a matte finish, or sheen finish for the Gold and Silver metallics, and have the appearance that the decal is actually painted on the wall. There are no clear or white edges to the decals.

Smooth surfaces are perfect for the decals, such as plasterboard walls, laminated surfaces, mirrors, glass, doors, tiles etc. They will not stick to rough/textured surfaces, such as bricks, rendering, concrete, canvas/fabric and textured or teflon based paints. The decals are a removable, one use decal that will not leave sticky residue.

For newly painted walls, it is advised to wait 3-4 weeks prior to applying the decals.

With regard to painted surfaces, it is advised to apply the decals to surfaces:
* that are in good condition (eg no peeling, cracked or flaking paint), and
* where the surface has been prepared properly prior to painting (eg with proper use of undercoat and dust/plaster dust/ grease removed).

Instructions and tips for application are included in the pack.

There are 4 triangle sizes to choose from. Each triangle size has different quantities per pack as follows:

Size 1 – Each triangle has a base of 3.5cm and a height of 3cm (from base to tip). There are 70 triangles in this pack.

Size 2 – Each triangle has a base of 5cm and a height of 4.5cm (from base to tip). There are 35 triangles in this pack.

Size 3 – Each triangle has a base of 7cm and a height of 6.5cm (from base to tip). There are 21 triangles in this pack.

Size 4 – Each triangle has a base of 9.5cm and a height of 9cm (from base to tip). There are 20 triangles in this pack.


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