Smiski Bed Series Mini Figure Blind Box


Smiski is in your Bedroom!

Smiski are curious creatures that love hiding around corners and small spaces.

Smiski is made of phosphorescent material that absorbs light and makes product glow in the dark.

They stay hidden and their existence is a bit of a mystery.
At night they start to GLOW, though nobody quite knows why…


Mini Figures

There are six different Bed Series Smiskis in this series:

– Smiski Before Rest

– Smiski Sleepy

– Smiski Co-Sleeping

– Smiski Reading

– Smiski At Sleep

– Smiski Fussing


plus the secret and rare Smiski Bed Series mini figure.


What is SMISKI?

Smiski is curious little creature that loves hiding in small spaces and corners of your room.
Although they like to stay hidden, you might recognize at night as they mysteriously glow in the dark.

Each series has 6 Smiski variations, plus a secret Smiski that is rare to find!
*The secret Smiski are distributed randomly and may not always be included in one assort box.

Smiski come packaged randomly in blind boxes so you won’t know which one you’ll get until you open the box.


Product details

6 kinds + May contain Secret
One of these 6 figure is in this package randomly.
*Please note that there is no guarantee of collecting the entire lineup even when purchasing 12 pieces Assorted Box


Product Size

Package Size


Approx.40g(with package)


Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
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