Sonny Angel Dolls Halloween Series 2015 (Limited Edition)


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Sonny Angel Halloween Series 2015 ! Sonny Angel is dressed up in halloween costumes, ready to come by your house to “Trick or Treat!” It will be released around mid September. This is a limited edition series that will not be repeated once sold out.


This series contains 4 kinds of characters in Halloween costumes. Comes in a blind box so which Sonny Angel you receive is unknown until you open the box.


Size: 4 x 5 x 10 cm

Material: ATBC-PVC



This collection includes: Werewolf, Pumpkin Cat, Vampire and Skeleton + 2 secret angel and a Robby Angel


Set of 12:

When you buy a complete box of sonny angels you will be guaranteed to receive 2 secret angels which is a Special Version of Vampire and Special Version Skeleton. If you are lucky you may receive a Halloween 2015 Version Robby Angel in your box. He is only found in 1/144. They are randomly placed in the full box.


4 versions + 2 Secret version + 1 Robby Angel Halloween 2015 Version
4 all kinds of figure and 2 secrets in one assort box (complete).

Robby Angel Halloween 2015 version is only available 1/144.

(*please note that Robby Angel Halloween 2015 version is not always in one carton.)


What do I get when I buy a full box / set of 12?

In other words there will be:

Werewolf – 3 units

Pumpkin Cat – 3 units

Vampire – 2 units

Skeleton – 2 units

Secret Vampire – 1 unit

Secret Skeleton – 1 unit

&  if you are lucky you might get an extra Halloween 2015 secret Robby Angel in your box .. but only if you are lucky enough.


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Sonny Angel