Sonny Angel Dolls Easter Series 2017 (Limited Edition)





Easter season is coming and Spring is near!
Looking forward to the warmer weather, Sonny Angel are excited to go outside to start the Easter egg hunt!

There is the Easter Bunny in a cute carrot outfit, the Easter Egg with little eggs nested on his hat. The Easter Lamb wears a crown of flowers and Easter Clover who will hopefully bring you good luck!

Along with these 4 adorable variations, there are also secret figures to look out for!


This is a limited edition series that will not be repeated once sold out.


This series contains 4 kinds of characters wearing nothing but a hand-painted chocolate sweet treats. Comes in a blind box so which Sonny Angel you receive is unknown until you open the box.


Size: 4 x 5 x 10 cm

Material: ATBC-PVC


This collection includes: Easter Bunny, Easter Egg, Easter Lamb and Easter Clover


Set of 12:

When you buy a complete box of sonny angels you will receive the 2 secret angels which is a Special Version of the Easter 2017. If you are lucky you may receive a Easter Series 2017 Version Robby Angel in your box. He is only found in 1/144. They are randomly placed in the full box.


4 versions + 2 Secret version + 1 Easter version Robby Angel.
4 all kinds of figure and 2 secrets in one assort box (complete).

Robby Angel Easter version is only available 1/144.

(*please note that Robby Angel Chocolate Series version is not always in one carton.)

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Sonny Angel



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